Sunday, 9 January 2022

Rainbow island


Last month plenty of rainbows stood shining in the sky. Rainbows give a happy feeling, even that no stories confirm this. Of course the Greeks had a god responsible for this natural phenomenon: Iris. Continue reading ->

Trees, balls and boats

For centuries Christmas trees have been decorated, first with fruit and nuts. Christmas balls only came later. Greece had its own Christmas symbols, even that nowadays there also are Christmas trees. This year there even is more than only Christmas trees. Continue reading:

Orange energy

Bitter or sour oranges are best loved in England. Her popularity in the countries where they hang plenty in the trees decreases. A Spanish energy company found something to make them wanted again. Continue reading ->

The Sthandart


(Photo: Venny Limperi)
The armoured cruiser Georgios Averof will not get soon forgotten, because it led the Greek fleet when liberating Lesvos from the Ottomans. This year there also was The Sthandart, a replica of the Russian frigate from 1703. It seduced many people with her magic appearance on the Gulf of Kalloni. Continue reading:

Just a day in November

There are some of those memorable days. Like on a sunny day in November you enjoy an outside lunch, at your feet water babbling against the wall of the harbour and happy rocking little boats, surrounded by the villagers going their usual way of life: continue reading:

Crispy snails

With the first rains in autumn the snails appear, where after snail catchers go for the hills to catch them. Snails are a delicacy when they end up on a plate, but they are a pest in the garden. What are we to do with them? Continue reading:

Crow language

Birdwatchers used to be people that practiced bird prediction: by studying the movements of the birds telling the future. Like with crows. If you want to learn that art, you have to believe in it. And knowing which birds you see. Continue reading: