Sunday, 2 February 2020

January, 28 - The works of Sigri

In the summer you can always wake me up for a trip to Sigri. There’s delicious food and a cozy village beach on the dazzling blue bay, along with numerous long sandy beachesthat stretch out beyond the picturesque village. The only beach cafe you will find there is at Faneromeni (Etsi), the other beaches are at most disturbed by bunches of screaming seagulls. Etsi, managed by Nondas, is in a totally deserted landscape between large fields and some low sand dunes that temper the foaming waves. The impressive emptiness and the seldom quiet sea give the utmost feeling of serenity. Nondas serves only coffee, alcoholic drinks and toast, unless you make a reservation and arrange to have Nondas’ mother cook for you. Having lunch in this quietness is a dream. At least for me. read further -> The works of Sigri

January, 21 - I am ashamed

When the new Greek government took office in July 2019 they wiped the Ministry of Migration from the table. The responsibility for migrants and refugees was shifted between different ministries until it was decided to reinstall a Ministry of Migration. It took them five months to realize that Greece not only had an economic crisis to deal with but also has a huge refugee problem. Read further -> I am ashamed

Monday, 13 January 2020

January, 10 - Alfa Heijn, or the supermarketizing of Lesvos

Supermarket war in Kalloni? How fast is the march of big supermarkets on Lesvos? Read about it in: Alfa Heijn, or the supermarketizing of Lesvos,…/alfa-heijn-or-the-supermarketi…/

December, 9 - Monuments of Lesvos

The iron strong olive trees can grow much and much older than Methusalem. Also Lesvos has many trees existing for centuries: Monuments of Lesvos,

November, 22 - Climate change

Lesvos is just not that interested in climate change nor does it subscribe to the dehumanization of society. Even that this long, warm autumn tries to prove different: Climate change,

November, 4 - Rivers deep, Mountains high

Lesvos has many rivers, whose channels are dry in the summer, resulting in beautiful places to walk, just like the areas around them: Rivers deep, mountains high,

October, 17 - Where are the palamides?

About a myth of Aphrodite, Eros and two fish, a Syrian version of it, about missing Palamides and fishing Turks: Where are the palamides?,