Tuesday, 22 August 2017

August 21 - So long, Ioanna

You came to the island
to find a new home
a new life
or a new beginning

you followed the colourful threads
of your ambition
yarns and other woolly materials
transferred into pieces of art

You seemed to be so happy
in your working space full of treasures
learning from old traditions
and pass them through

the yarn giving you enough energy
to help out who ever suffered
human or animal
your spinning wheel kept on helping

There must have been disturbances
that cut your yarn
maybe trust, maybe illness
made you to an object in need

Giving up the loom
and that beautiful space you created
out of your big heart
and the joy of living

I hope you have been happy
on this island full of invisible threads
that kept you busy
learning your skills to other people

giving them a way of creativity
so needed in life
because you believed in beauty
and giving it to others

forgive me I was not there
when you needed love in return
may there have been others
to have kept your faith in humanity

because that was what you were:
a beautiful woman
coming to the island
to spread goodness, beauty and assistance.


  1. what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, but troubled, human being.
    Joanna was all of the things you said, and one of the most interesting friends I ever had. We all felt helpless about her last years here in Molyvos and now terribly sad at her loss.

  2. Ik kon haar niet, maar als ik bovenstaand lees had ik haar graag gekend! Wat mooi geschreven weer.

  3. A loving tribute to a lovely human being...so very sad that the end came in such a solitary way...you will be missed, Ioanna...I just wish I could have told you so!