Tuesday, 19 December 2017

December 20 - A Blues of Christmas Songs

snow covering all ugly things.

Like it was after Last Christmas,
& during all of the winter months

forgetting I was not alone.

In the Silent Night & all those other cold days,
in the refugee camps they were freezing

the Jingle Bells ringing
because some met their death.

again I wonder

& how many Little Drummer Boys
are still stuck in the camps

to give them a peaceful living.

nothing compared with what most refugees endured

they for sure saw worse.

Mary's Boy Child was born in a shed
because she had to flee persecution.

Now again: many families torn apart,

his white season ready to come

but this year I beg you: no cold nor snow

of all those muddy desperate camps.

do not forget all those people

stuck in summer tents, without a home,

also for the many angels who are still there to help

to distribute all over the world

to those who have nothing

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